Facebook Login

Facebook.com Login

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For login in Facebook, every user need the registered email ID and password. The user needs to use Facebook application or the Facebook website for login to the Facebook account. Through the Facebook website www.facebook.com or the Facebook application, the user can maintain an account and use.

The user needs to be 13 years old at least for become a member in the Facebook. An email address and a mobile number are required for opening an account. Sometimes, Facebook may ask you to use mobile number later but if you use mobile at the first time, then you do not need to use email address later.

Use the Facebook application or visit the Facebook website for opening an account under Facebook. On the page, there must be a form where you need to put First name, last name, email or mobile number, Re-enter email or mobile number, password, birthday, gender and at the last step click on the “Sign up” button. Now your sign up will be completed after the verification. The account will be useful when you add profile picture and complete the profile by adding some other important information. Now you can add friends and use the Facebook.

You have now email ID and password which you have used for creating an account in Facebook. With the login detail of email ID and password, you can login Facebook. You can login Facebook by the website or the Facebook application. You can use any method that you like. You should use Facebook application for getting better support of Facebook. From the application of Facebook, you can post, like others post, comment and chat.

Facebook has developed Chat application Messenger which is used for chatting. You can use the application for text chat, voice chat or the video chat. Some people say that Messenger can be alter tive of Skype.